Hi All, As you may be aware, RM Council is holding a public meeting on November 24th about the electoral division boundary changes. The meeting was recommended by the Government to ensure that ratepayers are aware of the impending changes so that they understand what it means to them. But RM Council appears to be turning this meeting into more of a consultation of the binding referendum results. RM Council is also accepting letters of support or opposition as part of this consultation process until noon on November 27th, so that they can be submitted with the application to the Minister To aid in providing letters of support, please find below a template support letter to RM Council. Use it as is or revise the letter to suit your thoughts and needs. Also attached is the public notice for the November 24th meeting from the RM website. We have also put together over 30 pages of additional materials in support of the division boundary changes and the referendum map. We will submit this package to the RM for submission to the Minister, and a copy will be placed on our website for anyone to review. Again, letters of support must be in by before NOON on Monday, November 27th, 2018 to rm220general@rm220.ca. Thanks again for everyone's support. The more letters sent in, the better. RM 220 Ratepayers Association


RM 220 Ratepayers Association



  • Letter to the RM Council - I Support Electoral Boundary Change

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